Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult children of alcoholics deal with traumatic stress, a trauma they carry throughout their lives. They can and often suffer from features of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are the result of living with the traumatizing effects of addiction.

The alcoholic family is one of chaos, inconsistent, unclear roles, and illogical thinking. Adult children of alcoholics may suffer from depression, anxiety, and compulsions, all related to the grueling experience of growing up in a disturbed home.

All children are faced with integrating parts of their parents that they both love and hate, but for the child in the alcoholic home, this becomes a uniquely challenging and daily experience. These children grow up to have issues with control and intimacy; they harbor anxiety that if they lose control, their world might fall apart. The most disturbing emotional leap for a survivor is separating the past from the present. If you can relate to any of these experiences, there is help.

I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where we can explore your feelings of hurt or betrayal together and create an environment for growth and healing. I am experienced in working with adult children of alcoholics and the traumatic stress children experience growing up.

Co-Dependent Behaviors

Codependent behaviors usually develop in childhood. “Codependence” is a word used to describe ways in which family members change, in relation to the substance user, in order to cope with the disruption caused by the substance use.

These are some signs of codependent behavior:

  • taking responsibility for someone else’s actions
  • worrying or carrying the burden for others’ problems
  • feeling obligated to do what others expect without checking in with one needs
  • trying to solve someone else’s problems, or trying to change someone
  • neglecting one’s own needs in the process of caring for someone who doesn’t want to care for themselves

If you experience some of these behaviors, I can help. Give me a call or schedule an appointment online. I look forward to hearing from you.

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