Child Therapy

Growing up can involve among other things, a series of painful bumps down the road of development. It is common for children to experience challenges, struggles, and obstacles as they develop and grow. As a child or teen is faced with new situations, demands, and expectations, it is common for him or her to experience ups and downs characterized by sadness, fear, anger, self-doubt, confusion, and decrease in self-esteem.

As parents travel down this road with their children they often find themselves in a situation where they may not be able to support their child in ways that enable them to grow and become stronger. If this is something you might be experiencing, considering therapy for your child might be a helpful tool to provide you with the support you need.

I am experienced in working with children who experience problems with anxiety, anger, and hyperactive behavior. In my work with children, I use traditional talk therapy as well as play therapy. Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. I use play to build a relationship with children while healing issues that the child might be experiencing. Play serves as a child’s natural language – a symbolism of words. Children can express themselves best through their natural language. I believe how a child plays tells a lot about how they are in their life. Through play therapy children learn about themselves and their surroundings. Children learn about their capabilities, limitations, and most importantly they learn new skills. I believe play therapy is an effective way for children to learn how to handle anger and frustration, heal, work through difficult times, and increase their self-esteem and ability to communicate.

If your child is experiencing difficulties and you think he/she might need therapy, play therapy is usually the answer. In fact, extensive research strongly supports the effectiveness of play therapy on most social, emotional, behavioral and emotional problems. Give me a call at 512-902-4357 and lets talk about it.

Sand Tray Therapy

I have been working with children for several years. During this time, I have learned different ways of working with children across populations. I found Sand Tray therapy to be a wonderful approach to connecting with both children and adults at a much deeper level than traditional talk therapy. Sand tray therapy is a form of expressive therapy also known as sand play. Sand tray is helpful for children who are unable to vocalize their emotions. Children are encouraged to use miniatures, toys, and other objects in the sand in any way they choose. The design of the sand tray is guided by your child’s imagination – this is where the healing happens!

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