Sex Therapy

Sexual intimacy is a necessary and vital part of our relationships. Wanting to help others improve and nurture their intimate relationships arose from recognizing this in my own relationships. Concerns in this area are often uncomfortable, but my understanding and relational approach have helped me create a safe and trusting environment for this vulnerable work.

Working with the body to explore sexual issues within yourself or your relationship can be very powerful. My approach to sex therapy begins with exploring the ways in which you embody your sexuality. The ways we embody our sexuality and sexual desires look different for every individual. Concerns in this area are often uncomfortable, but my belief is that in order to be intimate in our relationships, we must know how to recognize our own wants, needs, and desires. How we relate to ourselves and others is what makes satisfying and healthy relationships. 

So what kind of things can we work on together?

  • Sex education
  • Fully embodied sexuality
  • Finding your sexual style
  • Connecting to your body to enhance sensation and pleasure during sex
  • Sexuality and PTSD
  • The effects of emotional and physical trauma
  • Reconnecting to your sexuality after trauma or abuse

Intimacy: Expanding Your Pleasure Potential

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